A student startup competition, open to any student from any discipline from any school anywhere in the world.

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As they become available you can enter any of these competition stages at any time before its deadline. If you miss one then catch yourself up and enter the next one!

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    • USASBE Launch! is proudly presented by the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE)
    • The goal is to provoke and reward students from any discipline for great ideas, beautiful business models, and evidence of traction
    • Students from any discipline from any school anywhere in the world are welcome to participate
    • There are four stages in the competition:
      • They are:
        • 1. Launch’s Top Idea Ninja
        • 2. Launch’s Best Business Model
        • 3. Launch’s Best Crowdfunding Campaign
        • 4. Launch’s Big Traction Challenge
      • Each stage is designed to help students grow and get feedback on their concepts
      • Students can enter the competition at any stage
    • Participants will gain access to world-class tools in the areas of:
      • Ideation (idea modeling and opportunity modeling)
      • Business modeling
      • Developing and implementing a crowdfunding campaign
      • Developing customers and gaining traction
      • Pitching
    • Teachers and professors will have access to teaching tools, curricular content and guidance – right down to the level of their course outlines and the tools and worksheets they can use in their classrooms
    • Students don’t need to pay anything to participate
    • Students can win coaching from some of the world’s best entrepreneurship mentors and coaches, valuable prize packages, and considerable bragging rights!

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